COVID-19 turning your career upside down?

Hi there,

You're not alone. In the United States there are nearly 600 people who have filed for unemployment for every COVID-19 related death.

Whether your business is going through a rough patch or you've been let go and looking to start something new, figuring out how to make the internet work for you is critical in this time of social distancing.

I've been building websites and apps to help companies, non-profits, and individuals make their livings over the internet for the last 7 years.

Figure out what your options are over a free, casual 30 minute chat with me.

After our chat I'll make sure to:

  • Offer personalized, practical advice from my experience launching dozens of websites and apps.
  • Recommend tools and apps for you to look into.
  • Provide follow-up resources to get you started.

Stay safe,
Pete Marcano

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